“I”ve never been to a concert before, Ale,” Demi murmured. Her sharp fingernails dug into his suit-covered elbow, finding no purchase on the slippery fabric. “I’m a little–”

“Entranced?” Ale flashed a winning smile. “You’ll enjoy it, darling. I promise. It’s really very simple.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.”

“No one will be watching you. You’re here to watch them,” he soothed. “Don’t worry.”

Demi hugged his arm tighter, her smile growing strained as they glided down the carpeted walkway. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“By all means.”

They entered the shadowed theater and found the reserved section. Seats were in the corner, a slice of beautiful luxury that didn’t match the rest of the somewhat shabby interior. Demi hesitated, awkwardly standing with one hand half tangled in Ale’s elbow, as he sat without ceremony.

She huffed a second later and flopped onto the chair beside him, opting to cross her skinny arms over her flat chest.

“Now that’s dignified,” he muttered. “Straighten up before someone looks back here and-”

“You said they wouldn’t be watching-” she sniped.

“And you’re the one that said it had to be a singer!” He threw back. “So SIT. UP!”

The harsh whisper was enough to correct her slouched shoulders into a slightly raised posture.

“I just said that a singer would be more convenient, is all.” She grumbled. “It’s impossible to-”

“Don’t talk about it here!”

Demi rolled her eyes. “Fine, Mr. McPefect. We’ll wait.”

And so they did.

The program was nearly half-over, before Ale ventured a sideways glance at his reluctant companion. “You know, if it’s so boring, you could just-”

“I’m not about to snatch it and run,” Demi wrinkled her nose. “You really are a human, aren’t you?”

“If that’s an insult, you need to work on it, sweetness.”

There was an angry hiss in reply.

When he cast a glance to the right again, she was gone.

He hadn’t even seen her move. He strained to listen for the glitch–the moment where the lights would flicker or the music would stutter while the singer gulped a breath.

Something. Anything.

“…all done, darling.” Demi cooed.

Ale jumped. The glower in his eyes said that she would pay for that later, but confusion won out over anger and he looked from her to the stage. He hadn’t even sensed the disruption–though he knew it had happened. The eyes staring back at him were no longer a plain, dull blue–but a rich, gleaming hazel.

Exactly like the famous singer still crooning on stage.


“Please,” She scoffed, tugging on his sleeve. “I’m not your average bodysnatcher. I have a bit more finesse than that.” She yawned, drawing her fluffy shoulder wrap tighter around her bare neck. “Come on–before security shows up. They’ll notice in the next few minutes.”

“What did you do?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”


A/N: I don’t know what I was thinking about here, except that it would be fun if it wasn’t a real bodysnatcher, but like–a talent snatcher? They needed someone who could sing for some kind of a mission and Demi volunteers, which means the human that has to babysit her is none other than a very reluctant Ale, who doesn’t care what super-powers people weild, as long as he isn’t caught up in the thick of it. Teehee–enjoy!