“Aww, just look at them! So cute–bantering back and forth. It’s almost like they’re–”

“Friends,” Helena cut in, her voice as sharp as her narrowed eyes. “Don’t even try, Donovan.”

“Try? Me? Whatever did you think I was going to say?”

“Something stupid–that might get you killed or worse–assigned to my squadron. I have better things to worry about than your sorry scruff-for-brains.”

“Ah. I’m wounded!” Donovon staggered backwards, his theatrical declaration punctuated by the expected hand over his heart and comical expression.

Helena rolled her eyes. “I’m warning you…” she mumbled. “Grennar–keep him out of trouble, alright?”

Her 2IC looked from the smart-mouthed Donovan and then back at her. “I’d rather be discharged, Captain.”

Helena groaned. She smacked her forehead with one gloved hand, then crooked a finger towards the still languishing Donovon. “Oi–shut up and come here.” She reached out, snagging him by the sleeve the moment he was within reach.

“H-heyyyy,” Donovan winked. “You don’t have to get rough. If you like it that way-”

“If you like your head, sitting on top of your shoulders, you will take care to remember that Yuna and Carman are half-fae and therefore, soulbonded in the eyes of their people, a detail that our society is too stupid to notice. He’s within his rights if he wishes to gut you for so much as breathing in her direction and she’s liable to scrape the flesh from your skull, if you annoy him. They’re fae. You don’t mess with them. We don’t mess with them. If you get us killed, I’ll bring you back and kill you myself.”


A/N:…and I had no idea where this was going. It kind of wrote itself…ahaha. Enjoy? ^_^