Flash Fiction 2017

Daily, she cried.

Tears flowing down her pristine cheeks

Complexion fair as the summer sky

And hair thick as the autumn night

Heavy with the weight of spring in her chest

Buried beneath the cold of winter’s test

Daily, she wept

Shedding tears upon tears

For lights snuffed out

And darkness ever-creeping

Temptation lingering on the street corners

And desperation lurking in the trenches

Daily, she sobbed

Heart-wrenching, gut-bursting gobs

Of wretched, twisted emotion

For what is it, but a promise

Of misery to come

A hope of slight pleasure

That maybe

The world

Is not as dark

As we



A/N: Repetition kind of stuck in my head for this one. It sort of cobbled itself together with a bit of poking and prodding. Enjoy!

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