life-comes-in-piecesI’m falling to pieces, right before your eyes, and still.

You ask me to smile.

I’m trying, struggling , scrabbling in the darkness,

Desperately yearning to live.

You ask me to smile,

as if you have the right.

As if I’m not broken.

As if I’m not crumbling.

As if I’m not fading

In this very second

This curve you crave

Is the shackle that leaves me


It hurts. It burns. To stand here

And smile.

To pretend, for your sake

Because my heart is soft

And small.

Fluttering within its confines.

It means no harm

It desires love

It seeks respect

And yet, I abuse it

In the way that my actions

Betray its truths

I dare not breathe in

I dare not breathe out

For all that hides shamefully

In my belly

Would dare to creep out

Into the world.

Twisted as I am,

I wish it not, on you

Don’t. Please don’t.

Don’t force me to give you,

What you cannot afford to allow me


A/N: Don’t ever smile because you “have” to. It might work for that instance, but you’re only ever cheating yourself–it’s not worth the price you’ll have to pay.

Thanks for reading!

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