I see.

So that’s how we’re gonna play this?

Tennis to hardball?

No in between?

Did you know?

Did you have any idea what I do?

How it was done? Who it affected?

Granted, I’m sure it’s so


and beneath you

compared to your massive


But.  Still.

I feel obligated to inform you.

after all, my reputation precedes me.

and I’m still doing you a favor,

even though I can’t hide the hurt

your words have caused

Even though I’ll hide the truth

of the depth of this scar.

I’ll manage. You’ll manage.

Haven’t we always?

Because, you see,

You owe me.

Now let’s try this again.

Face value?


Don’t be insulting.

I’d hate to have to get—serious. 

(c) Sara Harricharan

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