Walking Glasses | Pt 2.

Previously: “Darling!” Her father straightened. “Don’t.” “He’s grown complacent,” Lady Alverette hummed. “Thinks that he’s all that—won’t even pay attention to my daughter?” “Our daughter,” he corrected. “Ravina, don’t listen to your mother-” “Ravina,” her mother said, sweetly. “What was that you said about summoning the King’s armory?” PART ONE | PART THREE | PART FOURRead More

Walking Glasses (Friday Fiction)

FRIDAY FICTION : CONTEMPORARY FANTASY “…And that’s your spell?” High Magician Maurous looked down his nose at the grim trainee. “Miss Lucien, you do realize that spell creation is a significant portion of your overall grade and will affect your ability to graduate in a suitable standing for your station?” Ravina Lucien stared back, calmly.Read More

Candy | Prompt #228

Candy. She’s sweet like sticky, salty caramels. Wrapped up in fancy paper, costing twice as much as regular milk caramels. Sticky–because it’s dangerous to even look at her. If I stare too long, she’ll notice. If she doesn’t notice, I’ll die. Salted–because what else would make these wounds hurt so beautifully? Rubbed into every rawRead More

Torch | Prompt #219

PROMPT : TORCH “I’m not carrying a torch for anyone!” Julienne grumbled. She ducked the incoming headslap from her older brother. “Definitely not for that jerk and not even for you.” She scowled. Her older brother, Merton, gave her a withering look. “You’ll have to get over it some time,” he said, disgusted. “A fireRead More

Middle | Prompt #218

Middle. She was always the middle. Never first. Never last. Just stuck. Right there. In the middle. In the shadow of Jamie’s greatness. In the wake of Allison’s brilliance. Plain old Sherry. Their music teacher, Mrs. Grey scowled fiercely over the top of her tiny golden glasses. “Class!” she said, severely. “You must pay attention!”Read More

Dating (#217)

  “Dating?” Janae sputtered. “That’s not–that’s– I don’t have to answer that.” Her face grew redder and she squared her shoulders. Her mother gave her a Look. “Is that what we’re saying these days?” “He’s my familiar! I can’t help it that I inherited a humanoid specter out of everyone else in that stupid class.” “Oh,Read More