Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

 I was thinking all day on what to write for this week’s letter and I’d almost decided until I came home this afternoon. Turned on the news and began checking my mail, the usual routine.

Then I actually read the headline that I’d been staring at for the past five minutes.

Steve Jobs, died at 56 years of age. 

Shock was my first reaction to this, followed immediately by a web search to confirm that this was true and someone wasn’t pulling my leg. I kind of wanted it to be a joke. Some really horrible cyber prank, because to think that Steve Jobs was actually dead, wasn’t the way I wanted to end my day.

I watched the news.

I cried.

There’s a ton of news and posts and videos and everything all over the world, the web and goodness knows where else. I’m amazed to see how many things he did and went through in such a short time.

My condolences and prayers to his family.

I would like to add my own tribute to his legacy.

Steve Jobs was an amazing, creative individual. I admired the way he could continually surprise the world, it seemed, by simply using the brain God gave him and putting those talents to use in the best way that he knew how.

The strength and dignity that he carried with him, no matter what was happening in his life, is something to remember. I don’t care about all the half hype and what next and all of that junk. I’m slightly annoyed (read=perplexed) at the amount of people adding qualifiers and taglines to their well-wishes. I’m sure they mean well. I’m probably just too sensitive. Maybe it’ll matter tomorrow, maybe I’ll have to deal with it, maybe it won’t bother me when I wake up. I don’t know. Right now, I don’t think it matters.

See, in my opinion, Steve Jobs was a brilliant man who brought a strong creative thread to our daily lives in mind-blowing ways. He did some amazing things. He’s left a wonderful legacy behind. Leave it at that, don’t try to qualify and read into things. See. Hear. Feel. Think, then react.

Because of what he did with the talents he had, many lives have changed for the better. 

May he rest in peace.

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