The Title should hint as where my head is at the moment. With a week until October 1st, (the official prep month) I am starting to put some actual thought into my preparations this year. This is my fifth year participating in NaNoWriMo and I can’t wait for the excitement to start. Now while I actually do plan every year, most of my plans end up straight down the plotbunny hole by the time November 1st hits. (If you don’t know what a plot bunny is, I’ll tell you, um, tomorrow, okay? *whisper* but only if you want to know, trust me, those are devious little buggers…)

I aim to do better this year. At least with the planning part and I won’t give up blogging while I do it. I know I said the same thing last year, but I also had a pretty crazy semester, so, granted that Life does not interrupt me, I’ll try to keep up on my blogging end of things.

With that said, I’ve noticed several other Wrimo’s posting their list of why they do NaNo and what are good reasons for taking on such a wild challenge. Here’s my 8 reasons why I do National Novel Writing Month and why I’d recommend it to those who’d love to try a wild writing adventure. It’s fun. It’s free. It’s an amazing experience. (and a somewhat addicting one!) 

1. It’s fun.

It really is. Once you’re over the shock of it, the adventure is amazing! I remember my first year as being the best, even though I barely scraped in at the 50k mark.

2. It’s more words than when you started on a general idea.

This is always a bonus for me. The more words I have, the further along I’ve moved the story and the more I have to work with. The best way to write is simple, butt in chair…and hands on keyboard. Guaranteed to work.

3. More room in your head for new thoughts.

Most of you know by now that my brain operates in a different universe altogether (I’ve tried to convince it to return, but it tells me all these wonderful stories about where it is that I end up writing about adventures I’ve never been on instead of bribing it back.) and giving it a chance to run while in the creative department means I get other things done in the real world. I can balance my school/work and NaNo, so with the slight side-effective of a 30-day hyper-creative-high, NaNo has always led to a certain efficiency in my non-writing life.

4. A free proof copy from Createspace (with a valid win, of course)

You get to design a cover and everything!

5. A chance to meet and make new friends online and in person, who are also writing their way through 30 days of insanity!

The write-ins are loads of fun, the writing buddies keep you going when you’re slogging through week two and of course, there is plenty of company if you feel like procrastinating. I loved the word wars, the sleeptyping and the conversations about unruly MC’s and pesky Muses.

6. An excuse to write (but, seriously, do you need one?).

I don’t need one, but it sure helps and it is the one time when folks outside of my usual ‘circle’ are aware that I am writing. This is mostly for my personal amusement, I love to watch the reactions when I calmly announce I am writing 50k words…in November. ^_^ 
7. An excuse to bug other people to write as well.

I love NaNo to pieces! I absolutely do. I kind of hope it shows, just a little bit and I’m always happy to recruit a new Wrimo into the wonderful world of NaNo. Especially to be there when they hit their 50k, it’s an amazing feeling!

8. Good material for blogging. 😛 

Or so I’m told. I’ll test that theory this year. At the very least, I’ll mention my daily word count for those who want to know how on earth I can write so fast. (psst! I sit in a chair…and put my hands on a keyboard…*ducking*)

So, that’s my NaNoWriMo drabbles for tonight. I’ve got a busy school day tomorrow and a weekend coming up, oh yeah…and a Friday Fiction I haven’t written yet. Yeah. Life is good.


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