A friend of mine recently commented on how everything in life must be simple for me–I wake up and have an adventure, then continue on with life as normal.

I had to laugh. Adventure is right–but it usually doesn’t stop right there. I just have a habit of not quite doing everything in order when it comes to normal, everyday tasks. But, I’ve decided to post this as a reminder that that sometimes we do little things we don’t understand–and it’s okay. i.e. fruit-loop hunting (and yes, I spell it Fruit not Froot).

Subtitled: How to confuse yourself in the morning—or afternoon–and how to be sure you
are awake.

Go to kitchen.

Decide on breakfast.

Choose cereal. Cereal is easier.

Realize that all the cereal boxes look alike from the side with the nutrition
facts. All boxes are white at this time of the day.

Find bowl.

Find spoon.

Spoon doesn’t match.

Switch spoon.

Feel proud of yourself for noticing the details.

Pour fruit loops in bowl. Smile. Pour corn flakes in bowl.

Forget to smile.

neatly pack up both boxes on shelf.


Sit down to check email.

Take spoon and bowl, put near PC.

Begin to eat.

Realize you need milk.

Can’t remember whether there is milk in fridge or not.

Think about it.

Eat cereal dry.

Realize you are picking fruit loops out of the cornflakes.

Stare at cereal bowl.

Decide to eat the fruit loops out of the cornflakes.

Wonder if you’re really awake.

Fruit-loop hunting is scarce. Decide it’s time to drown them in milk.

Eat cornflakes anyway. Find a stray fruit loop. Smile.

Life is normal.

…and that folks, is how Sara usually constructs her breakfast meal AND includes her morning exercise!
(froot-loop hunting…) ^_^

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