Hi everyone! This week’s post is a bit combined. I’ve been busy, life is krazy (yes, with a K!) so cheers to a bloggy award and time to fill in MM!)


How did you decide to live where you do?

It’s nice and quiet. There’s no lights or horns or other annoying sounds in the night. You can walk outside, burn your leaves when you rake them instead of stuffing them into plastic bags and plenty of room for fruit trees, which in turn equals fruit pies. ^_^

Do you like risks, or do you avoid them? What major risks have you taken in your life?

Sometimes. I like creative risks and the kinds that usually don’t aren’t physically endangering. Heehee, I’ll try almost anything within reason so my comfort zone grows instead of shrinking. Joining creative groups and participating in writing challenges such as the NaNoWriMo, Screnzy and other fun “stuff”. The most recent major risk has been setting up a Facebook Fan page for my writing. I’ve been hovering beneath the invisible wave of creative whatever, but finally did it. 

If you had to choose, which could you live without: TV, the internet, a telephone or friends?

TV! Hands down. Lol…that’s ’cause whatever I want to watch on TV I can find on the internet, telephone is interchangeable as well, because I can grab whole of whoever I need…through the internet. ^_^ 

Also, on a side note–I’ve been absent for a few days, spring break is over and of course, my life has flown into overdrive, leaving me with a few missed posts and mentions! A very special thanks to Michelle Gregory @ Beautiful Chaos for a lovely bloggy award-er-I mean, a stylish bloggy award! Tada! 

and now I list 5 fun facts about myself and pass the award on to a few stylish bloggers as well. ^_^ 

1. I finally wore my first pair of fuzzy boots last January. This marks having had and worn them for over a year. I have decided that I like fuzzy boots. I plan on trying rain boots soon.

2. Before I started writing, I learned to speed read. I can generally read an average size novel (think Laura Child’s Tea Mysteries) within the hour. I eat books for breakfast and their sequels for lunch. I process what I read by dinnertime and then if I’m not moving directly onto the next book, I will attempt to write a review or a standard book report. (old habit…dies hard) 

3. I don’t like onions at all, but can stand them in onion rings, burgers and potato salad. 

4. I didn’t know what a Mr. Potato head was until yesterday. 

5. Nail polish is a chief creative staple of mine. I like the colors, sparkles and while I love doing my nails, I’ve never worn fake ones. Ever. ^_^

Gah…can’t think of much else, lol. I’m a pretty boring person in terms of interesting facts, at least. ^_^ Anyway, on to bestow the lovely blog award! 

To Dee Yoder @ My Heart’s Dee-light. Not only does she give you a honest voice–her blog is purdy! 

To Melody @ Vividry–who has a gorgeous template and excellent posts to accompany it. 

To Shirley M. @ Sunny Glade--always a great post and a pretty header! I likey. 

To Hanne @ Treasure in Clay Jars. Her template matches. Her words are icing on the cake. I also likey. 

To Bookworm’s Review–because it’s colorful and I also likey very much. ^_^ 

So, copy the award if you have the time, post with 5 fun things about you and pass along the bloggy love to encourage a fellow blogger. And that’s all for now folks! Er-actually, I meant, Cheerio! Happy Tuesday. 

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