Selfish Sky (Short Story)

“It’s not fair, Mama!” Jana crumpled to the stable floor, the fight draining out of her. “They—they don’t—!” “That’s the key right there,” her mother said, sternly. “They don’t. They don’t do anything. They never have, because they don’t actually care. Listen, I’m not trying to make this into something it doesn’t need to be,Read More

Nancy Drew : Reading Memories (BLD 2017)

I’m “this” close to missing Book Lover’s Day, in spite of thinking about it all day and doing little else creatively–besides mentally plotting out this entire post. Which, btw, is taking a little more brainpower than I can spare right now. So–here we go! Happy Book Lover’s Day–yada, yada, yada, we all like books, theyRead More

Concert | #53

“I”ve never been to a concert before, Ale,” Demi murmured. Her sharp fingernails dug into his suit-covered elbow, finding no purchase on the slippery fabric. “I’m a little–” “Entranced?” Ale flashed a winning smile. “You’ll enjoy it, darling. I promise. It’s really very simple.” “That’s what I’m worried about.” “No one will be watching you.Read More

Banter | #52

“Aww, just look at them! So cute–bantering back and forth. It’s almost like they’re–” “Friends,” Helena cut in, her voice as sharp as her narrowed eyes. “Don’t even try, Donovan.” “Try? Me? Whatever did you think I was going to say?” “Something stupid–that might get you killed or worse–assigned to my squadron. I have betterRead More

Hydration | #8

“You need to stay well hydrated,” Sari scolded. She unscrewed the cap from a fresh bottle of water and promptly emptied it over her best friend. “Honestly!” Muriel cracked a smile, wincing when it pulled her crackly skin a bit too taut at the corners. “Sorry—kinda preoccupied.” “You’re always preoccupied,” Sari muttered. “You’re the mermaid!”Read More