Trial by Metal


Book #5 : Trial by Metal (Terrance’s Story) 

Terrance McGowen is the famous sponsored student of the youngest Twilight Guardian in fifty years, Ellis Lathmore. It is a badge of honor he cannot outgrow and a reputation called into question when his native Urukou habits start to surface. Fights in the corridors, negotiations with the disciplinary committee and a young friend who won’t speak up–Terrance has his hands full. When Myra Albrys, a hystericalLunaire refugee interrupts a routine festival patrol, Terrance is chosen to escort her back to Twilight Headquarters. A simple task turns deadly when it becomes clear that Myra is being systematically hunted.

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Terrance’s personality breakdown using the personality insight online service here.

Terrance McGowen | Trial by Metal (WIP)

Terrance McGowen | Trial by Metal (WIP)