Selfish Sky (Short Story)

“It’s not fair, Mama!” Jana crumpled to the stable floor, the fight draining out of her. “They—they don’t—!” “That’s the key right there,” her mother said, sternly. “They don’t. They don’t do anything. They never have, because they don’t actually care. Listen, I’m not trying to make this into something it doesn’t need to be,Read More

A Twitterpated Outbreak (Friday Fiction)

This week’s Friday fiction is hosted by Debra G. Elliot @ her blog, Writing with Debra . Click here to read and share more great fiction! Author’s Ramblings: I’m pulling this one out of a hat…well, sorta. It’s now finals week–and I’m still furiously multitasking to keep a billion-and-one things together. So this week isRead More