Trial by Earth (Excerpt) & Release Info

TITLE: Trial by Earth GENRE: YA Christian Fantasy Synopsis: Ellis Lathmore is the only Earth elemental bearer in the Amerinth Twilight Academy. Lately, it seems like his gift has been multiplying exponentially and in the very worst kind of way. From earthquakes to unexpected displays of strength, Ellis is worried that the monster inside ofRead More

Kimira's Eyes (ebook)

Kimira’s Eyes : Sara Harricharan : Inspirational Short Story Synopsis: Kimira Allen has been blind for as long as she can remember. Various surgeries and procedures have done nothing to heal her injured eyes. Recently, a strange dream leaves her feeling a little off-kilter. And then there was that doctor… Now available for purchase onRead More

Quick Tips for Novel Plotting (ebook)

 The Quickster’s Guide to Novel Plotting : Sara Harricharan : Non-fiction : Self-help Guide Tips and tricks from someone who’s been there, if you’re trying to figure out how to start plotting your novel, this guide provides a quick character bio, suggestions for plotlining and other Gridwork methods. It is designed to help you jumpstartRead More