Walking Glasses | Pt 2.

Previously: “Darling!” Her father straightened. “Don’t.” “He’s grown complacent,” Lady Alverette hummed. “Thinks that he’s all that—won’t even pay attention to my daughter?” “Our daughter,” he corrected. “Ravina, don’t listen to your mother-” “Ravina,” her mother said, sweetly. “What was that you said about summoning the King’s armory?” PART ONE | PART THREE | PART FOURRead More

Open Skies | Fantasy Fiction (#3)

A/N: I’m working on the next installment of this! Thanks for your patience–expect a slow build and eventual, massive universe. LOL. In my usual typical fashion, of course. Allen, Vince and Jaden all have a connection to Madison that will soon make itself known. Hint-wise–this is my attempt at a decent adventure story without havingRead More

Worthwhile | Prompt #15

PROMPT : WORTHWHILE “Clara?” Leann stuck her head through her older sister’s bedroom door. She could see some movement from behind the mound of unmade bedsheets and blankets. “D’you wanna come with us to the woods?” There was an indecipherable grunt from somewhere behind the large body pillow. Leann rolled her eyes. “We’re gonna haveRead More

Camouflage | Prompt #5

PROMPT : CAMOUFLAGE  “Jess—Jessie, slow down! I can’t keep up.” “Try,” Jessie said, tersely. Her steps seemed to quicken instead of slow. “If we stop now, we’re dead, do you hear me?” “I’m not as tall as you are,” Sheila gasped out. “Please, you know I can’t-“ Jessie whirled around, her heterochromic eyes snapping inRead More

Accidental Summons (Friday Fiction)

Friday Fiction is a weekly blog meme where writers can share clips from their WIPs or pieces of  short fiction. ^_^   To join in the fun, add your story link to the widget below. Stories must be PG-13. Don’t forget to read and comment.  FRIDAY FICTION : Accidental Summons “Piece of paper—over here, one more mark—andRead More

Craegen : Cassie Aldracks [part 1] (Friday Fiction)

Hi everyone!  I have the lovely distinction of hosting Friday Fiction this week. I’ve been trying to smooth out this piece out between my weekend homework today, so I hope it doesn’t sound too much like all the Shakespeare and Melville that I’ve been reading. It is part of a gigantic creature-topia style world thatRead More

The First Keening (Friday Fiction)

This week’s Friday Fiction is hosted by the talented Yvonne “Vonnie” Blake, over at her blog My Backdoor Ministry. Click here to read and share more great fiction! Don’t forget to leave a comment.  A/N: I have the oddest threads of mythology and mythological creatures running through my head right now, so I apologize inRead More

Whiskered Prequel “Credibility” (Summer Fiction #1)

A/N: Well, this is the first bit of my summer fiction ideas. I think I’ve been seriously missing my cats or something, because well, you’ll see, there’s cat stuff in here. LOL. Anyway, two finals down, more to go, so I’m back to studying and whatever. This was today’s prompt fiction that somehow turned intoRead More