Priorities | Prompt #5

PROMPT : PRIORITIES Helena wrinkled her nose, scrubbing at the blot on the thick plate. She dunked it in the soapy water and swirled it again, hoping that the stain had vanished. “Keep scrubbing,” Aunt Sam said, from over her shoulder. “I’m scrubbing, I’m scrubbing,” Helena muttered. “If certain people had actually soaked their platesRead More

Spectrum | Prompt #3

PROMPT : SPECTRUM  “On a scale of one to ten?” Prentice teased. “C’mob, Garra. You can’t be mad forever.” “On a spectrum of one to a million—I still hate you—in the negatives!” Garra snapped. “Stop getting in my face!” “Alright you two, quit the lover’s spat, we know you’re not happy with the situation, butRead More