Accidental Summons (Friday Fiction)

Friday Fiction is a weekly blog meme where writers can share clips from their WIPs or pieces of  short fiction. ^_^   To join in the fun, add your story link to the widget below. Stories must be PG-13. Don’t forget to read and comment.  FRIDAY FICTION : Accidental Summons “Piece of paper—over here, one more mark—andRead More

Coarse (Flash Fiction)

found on google images FLASH FICTION SNIPPET  “Ugh, it burns,” Miriam made a face as she slopped another handful of the herbal salt scrub on her green-tinted skin. “Be glad it’s only burning,” Adal snapped. “What were you thinking playing out in the forest? Mamere and Pavi said you promised you wouldna go!” “I didn’tRead More

Venture (Short Fiction)

found on google images EXPANDED FLASH FICTION PROMPT “If we don’t leave soon, we’ll miss our chance.” Marian stood by the window, pretending that she wasn’t looking into the street below and timing the guard’s circuit around the boys’ dorms. “And if I’ve wasted my time sneaking over here for-“ Owen shook his head everRead More