Nancy Drew : Reading Memories (BLD 2017)

I’m “this” close to missing Book Lover’s Day, in spite of thinking about it all day and doing little else creatively–besides mentally plotting out this entire post. Which, btw, is taking a little more brainpower than I can spare right now. So–here we go! Happy Book Lover’s Day–yada, yada, yada, we all like books, theyRead More

Walking Glasses | Pt. 4

Previously: Ceros merely stared down at them, imposing and immovable in his sudden fierceness. “That was for your own safety,” he said, matter-of-factly. “As for your question,” he pinned Irvin with a look. “What is missing, is the key to the King’s Armory, Mister Caldwell.” Ceros said, tiredly. “The only key to the King’s Armory, withRead More

Candy | Prompt #228

Candy. She’s sweet like sticky, salty caramels. Wrapped up in fancy paper, costing twice as much as regular milk caramels. Sticky–because it’s dangerous to even look at her. If I stare too long, she’ll notice. If she doesn’t notice, I’ll die. Salted–because what else would make these wounds hurt so beautifully? Rubbed into every rawRead More