Camouflage | Prompt #5

PROMPT : CAMOUFLAGE  “Jess—Jessie, slow down! I can’t keep up.” “Try,” Jessie said, tersely. Her steps seemed to quicken instead of slow. “If we stop now, we’re dead, do you hear me?” “I’m not as tall as you are,” Sheila gasped out. “Please, you know I can’t-“ Jessie whirled around, her heterochromic eyes snapping inRead More

Bunch | Prompt #4

PROMPT : BUNCH  “Lyla, grab a bunch of that, would you?” Grandpa stirred the cauldron, sniffing at the herbal aroma wafting out. “Red, purple or yellow?” I called back, squinting up at the ribbon-tied bundles of herbs and flowers in the drying shed. “Purple, I think,” Grandpa said, giving the cauldron another stir. I jumpedRead More

Screenplay (Flash Fiction)

“Screenplay?” He frowned. “That’s not the most lucrative career, dearest. Why don’t you try something a little more–liberating?” “Like what, skydiving?” “Er, no. There’s death in that.” “There’s death in everything and you see it everywhere.” “I can’t help it!” “Most people can!” For a moment, they stood there, chest to chest, angry eyes flashing,Read More