Look | Prompt #22

PROMPT : LOOK “It’s just one look,” Jason rolled his eyes. “Like, how bad could that be?” “We’re not supposed to be here,” Nathan griped. “We’re really not supposed to be here.” “Quit whining, we’re halfway there already.” “We could get killed if they find us.” Jason snorted. “Yeah. Sure. You know, I’ve never evenRead More

Currency | Prompt #21

PROMPT : CURRENCY  “Mama, Mama!” Lindsey burst through the front door, skidding to a stop a few inches away from her mother’s workbench. The rows of factory workers barely registered the interruption in their daily duties. Save for the woman in question, who merely perked a brow at her excited daughter. “What is it now?Read More

Shaken | Prompt #20

PROMPT : SHAKEN  “I swear, if you say shaken and not stirred, one more time, I’ll wring your fat little neck,” Lynette seethed. “You don’t understand a thing!” Arica perked a brow, leaning around her friend to get a better look at their mutual friend, a certain, sweet-cheeked, slightly plump and adorable visitor—a half-avian-human hybrid.Read More

Blurred | Prompt #19

PROMPT : BLURRED “I can’t make out a thing,” Julian said, squinting at the incriminating photograph. “It’s too blurred. How can they get anything from that?” “They can get all kinds of things from pictures,” Sanae hummed. She flopped on her brother’s bed, twisting around to watch him as he popped it in the desktopRead More

Graduation | Prompt #16

PROMPT : GRADUATION  “Think he’ll ask you out?” Carmen fiddled with her jacket zipper, casting a glance up and down the hallway. “Shayla!” Her dark-haired friend shot her a look of absolute distaste. “If he asks, you already know what I’m going to tell him. Stop doing this to yourself.” “But…” Carmen faltered. There wereRead More