Flash Fiction 2017Leona groaned, drooping in the mirror’s reflection as she saw the bright red pimple on her forehead. Still glaringly obvious in spite of the four different home remedies she’d tried.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” she muttered, half to herself. But it wasn’t the first time her skin had reacted after overuse of her special gifts.

It was the first time she was seriously reconsidering her decision to keep it though.

“Not as vain as Suki,” she grumbled, bending over to wrap her hair in a dry towel. The long tresses nearly brushed the bathroom floor, but she was careful to keep them from doing so.

It was a date with young officer Kannon from the third division’s special investigations unit and she’d been hoping it would turn into something good.

First impressions were important, after all.

They’d met on the last troublesome case that the department had consulted her for. A seemingly random prison breakout that had almost coincided with something that would have caused a great deal of trouble.

Leona sighed. Kannon was very easy on the eyes and his kind voice and manners had drawn her to him. So she’d tried to make the investigation easier, drawing heavier on her truth powers, until the culprit had confessed.

As a result, the backlash had resulted in a rather physical way—first with one zit on her face, then on her shoulder, then a few more on her face and now—Leona groaned again.

First impressions…right.

A/N: Yeah, it was going to be a prison breakout, but once in a while it’s the whole slice-of-life thing that I can’t ignore, hence, it stayed ‘normal’. 😛 

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