forceDon’t let me force my light on you. Please. Don’t let me.

Cover your eyes if you must. Shield yourself from the brightness I cannot contain, for it is a quick flame and I am only to blame.

Such fleeting moments of delight and passion burn deep, searing into your soul, imprinted on your skin. You will not survive this flashfire of emotion, for even I am left, bereft in the wake of such energy. Such life that dares to leave me, illuminating all around me and fading away, as I need it most.

I cry for it, calling loudly and begging it to return, yet such things are ignored, thricefold, for it is, but an instant. A single moment and I am nothing but a husk, a burnt out shell of the vibrance that once shared its light.

Do not let me fade, dear friend, for I promise you I am not dead.

Only grieving.

For to give in this capacity, I tear off another bone and spill a little more blood.

Destroying myself piece by piece, to give you the brilliant comfort you desire.

I know not what to do with myself, for what use am I, if not to exist for bettering this dark place?

To banish all the shadows that surround me and prey upon you.

This is not what life is.

There must be more beyond this thin plane that I view through such jaded eyes.

So turn away, look to the heavens, for if I am the light and you are the shadow, then together, we are complete.

A/N: It seems most of my words are rather dark right now. I would apologize, except for we are all human and therefore have the capacity and capability of feeling both the light and love of life and the dark, depressing shadows that allow coexist with it. Thank you for reading!

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