CNW_Participant_Facebook2016Hey there Wrimos!

How goes it for your first camp session of the year? I am off to a somewhat slow start and figured I should take a break and blog a bit, as my brain has turned to mush.

(I hearby define mush as when I name a character “Braxton” simply because I can’t think of any other male name that starts with B…) Yes. It was that bad.

Anyway, I’m off to a decent catch up, considering that I almost made it to 8k for today, which is fairly decent for the third day. I’m glad to see that it’s coming along rather well, considering that I’ve only gotten the first few details hammered out.

The main part I want to get to, is about seven chapters or so off from where I am right now. Sigh. Oh well. I’ll get there. I just need to write through some of the boring nuts and bolts first.

Which, writerly tip, if you were looking for one–while it is true that you should always skip the parts that you expect the reader to skip, if you are pantsing a novel, or just really bad at hashing out your plots beforehand, you’ll probably write a good chunk of stuff that you won’t actually use or put in your novel.

Even when I’m writing from an outline, I find that I tend to be rather wordy. (case in point is this entire blog post. Tell me I couldn’t have written something SHORTER. TELL ME!). -muffled groans-.

At any rate, happy writing and best of luck to you on this year’s session! I will try to update. Kind of. Maybe. ~_^

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