Prompt Fiction


Saffron rolled her eyes. “My parents are not strict,” she huffed, for the fifth time that morning. It was starting to wear on her nerves, particularly the way that neither of her friends seemed to think it was offensive to constantly share that bit of their opinion with her.

Her parents, after all, had agreed for her to join them on the hiking trip, paying for the new equipment needed and wishing her a fantastic time. They were always open and supportive when she needed them, which was more than she could say for her own friends.

Friends that were quickly falling down the ranks in her levels of friendships and acquaintances.

They weren’t strict.

Not to her, anyway.

There was a certain kind of comfortable safety that made it worth it to blame recent choices on her parents.


It was just easier.

Easier than trying to explain that she didn’t want to be friends with them anymore and had now idea how to tell them that.

(C) S. Harricharan

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