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I’m double-posting a bit on one the nano events for today. Obligatory ML duties and all that, when I realized that my 10th year Nanoing deserves a little more writing in there, so I figured a blog post would do it.

I’ve already churned out two posts and scheduled a few other things. (again, ML stuff), but then I wanted to mention what made it so special just for me.

For me, NaNo has been the highlight of my year for the past 10 years. The wrimo community is so incredible and supportive, that every year I nano–I watch my writing evolve into something even more amazing than the previous year. There is something about the creative energy of so many people working towards a common goal–writing that wonderful 50,000 words–that just makes your fingers work faster.

From the thrill of that first year where I flip-flopped from either frantic disaster-waiting-to-happen and those golden I-can’t-believe-I-did-it feelings in the following years–to this year where I’ve been writing in short snatches of time here and there. Either way, whichever it is for you–remember, what makes you write. Never forget that. Type it at the top of your word doc today and look at it as you churn out those words. Writing is fun. Remember that. And write first, for you. The rest will come.

-Good luck and Happy writing! I am rooting for all of you.

*scurries back to writing* ^_^

Here’s my NaNo Donation Pitch:

Today is Double-Up Donation Day, an all-day opportunity to write, inspire one another, and support NaNoWriMo’s nonprofit programs. This is the 2nd year that NaNo is doing this and last year was incredibly fun in so many ways. There are many ways to participate and many reasons to donate–don’t miss out on the fun this year. Think of what NaNo means to you and give what you can. Why Donate? Try this page on for size.

How to Join:

  • Double your donation: give $25 and receive the $50 donor goodies. On this day only, you get more gifts without even trying! (If you’ve admired the 50$ donor goodies, like the bracelet, bookmark, etc. Today is a great day to donate for a good cause and reward yourself at the same time!)
    • If you’d rather buy nano merch. You can also purchase this year’s nano gear from the store. The NaNo merch is your goody though and you will not receive a halo–BUT your $$ are going to support NaNo. So donate! I have my eye on those snazzy new shirts this year. Woohoo.
  • Double your current word count, or whatever you normally write in a day. Use the community’s shared momentum to get a jump on your imminent win. Even if you can’t double that word count–TRY. There is no harm in trying. Just think how many words you can squeeze in and go for it. I’m at 21k today. If you think I’m doubling to 40k…you’re nuts. (and so am I. Because I’m going to try like it’s nobody’s business.)
  • And lots of other things on the donation page. Click here to read for yourself!

Thanks for supporting NaNoWriMo and it’s inspiring programs. You are contributing to a future with more words, stories and dreams coming true!

Sara aka ScarletFury

P.S. Add me on NaNo! The more the merrier. ^_^

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