Hey everyone! ^_^

As you know–weekends are often my only chance to play around with story tangents and character development. Instead of trying to hit a word count, I’ll dream up side stories and character games. I stumbled across a fun little widget of sorts that allows you to paste in text (English or Spanish) and then it will calculate your personality accordingly.

Naturally, I went for my current WIP (Trial by Metal), and pasted in a nice chunk of my opening. The resulting infographic was fun and interesting to inspect. It was pretty spot-on for Terrance and I loved seeing how it broke down the finer points of his personality.

-cue proud author moment here- I’ll add Terrance’s image below, as it’s rather large and scaling it makes things blurry. (oops.) Enjoy!

If you’d like to give the widget a try –take a look here. : Personality Generator 

Happy weekend!


Terrance McGowen | Trial by Metal (WIP)

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