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So, I’ve been busy over at my tumblr for most of this month, prepping for the Trial by Earth(TBE) release that happens tomorrow. I am so excited, but first things first, Earthen Shadow went live this week as a free short story prequel to TBE.

Earthen Shadow was my pet project while TBE went through the editing and revision stage. This prequel-ish snippet from the Twilight Trials universe, features training Master Kalen, from Trial by Earth (releasing July 24th!), and what led up to the starting point for Ellis’ story.

It’s free now and forever. You can download it off of Smashwords in any form that you like, (epub, kindle[mobi], a pdf or just read it right there in the browser). It should appear at other vendors by next week. Please feel free to share it, tweet it, or link to it. Review if you like. An excerpt from Trial by Earth is also included in the back.


Master Kalen is the training master for earth elemental Ellis Lathmore, best known as the youngest Twilight Guardian in fifty years. Kalen has a fickle version of precognition via reflective surfaces, possessing the ability to tell when something significant lurks beneath the surface. When Ellis’ former sponsored student, Terrance McGowen, comes to ask a favor, he sets the stage for a chain reaction that won’t be stopping anytime soon. Kalen rarely interferes unless there is no other choice, but now he must decide whether to prepare for the incoming storm or try and prevent it.

Download from smashwords

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