“You’ve been avoiding me.” Master Ruge stretched his foot enough to push out the empty chair at the opposite end of the small table. “Sit, apprentice-mine.”

Shatila eyed it and him, before pulling the chair away from the table and carefully easing her tall frame into it. “I have not.” She said, carefully.

“Then you are avoiding someone else in my recent company?”


“I dislike riddles.”

“I dislike being analyzed.”

“Fair enough.” Master Ruge acknowledged. He slid a sealed envelope across the table and watched as she made no move to take it. “That is one of your eight standards. You may open it and review it, if you have need of my assistance, I expect you to seek me out and request it.”

“And if I can manage?” Shatila looked from the envelope to him.

“If you have need of me, I expect to see you.” Master Ruge repeated. “I dislike being avoided because you believe I need to be protected. It is not your duty to see to that. I am to look after you, train you and guide you until such a time as the contract between us is satisfied. Please uphold your end of our oaths.” He rose from the chair, his thick black robes falling neatly into place around his trim figure.

“I would never go back on my word.”

“Good girl.” He praised, gliding out of the small kitchen. “See that you don’t.”

Shatila watched him, he paused, just long enough for her to notice. She bowed her head and reached for the envelope. “…yes, Master.”

(c) Sara Harricharan
A/N: I’ve been playing around with the characters in my “Trial by” universe and couldn’t resist doing one of these little prompts for my favorite Twilight Titan, Shatila Briston and her training Master, the enigmatic Master Ruge. Thanks for reading!

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