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A/N: I think this is the very first ghost story of any kind that I’ve actually tried my hand at. This was done for a prompt line, “she couldn’t put the spider down his shirt, so she stuck it in his lunch” and it could be any length, but preferably under one page. I managed to fit it in one page, but the story itself is probably pure fluff, as I cannot seem to write anything vaguely “terrifying” on demand. Hehe. Thanks for reading and happy weekend! 

“Should we scare them?” Lesa’s silvery form hovered in the
corner outside the door of the Men’s locker room. “Quit hiding in there and come on
“I’m not hiding!” Eric floated through the door a second
later, twisting and tugging at his wispy white jersey. “What is it now—aw,
really? More of them?” He scowled down at the huddled group of students picking
their way through the darkened hallway of the abandoned school wing. “We just
did this.”
“I know, Boo.” Lesa swirled up next to him, planting a kiss
on one cheek. “But it’s such fun to scare them. I wish they’d come every month,
the year is boring except for Halloween.”
“Only you would think it was fun,” Eric said. He sucked in a
breath, preparing to blow it out in a frosty gale that would send the student trespassers running for home.
Lesa clapped her hands in glee. “Ooh, do let me help,
Eric rolled his eyes skyward, but waved a hand to encourage
her. She grinned, a wolfish gleam in her eyes as she drew in a healthy breath
and blew out in the same instant that he did. Every flashlight in the group
flickered. Dangling posters along the wall fluttered wildly, helpless in the
sudden gust of icy wind.
Nearly every girl shrieked, along with a few yells from the startled boyfriends. Seconds later, first round of bickering broke out amongst the coupled pairs.
Lesa and Eric watched with curious, unseeing eyes, as the
group leader seemed to be having it out with his petite girlfriend. “They’re so
much like us,” Lesa sighed. “The poor darlings. They don’t know what they have, not everyone can be a ghost you know.”
“Not quite like us. I’m pretty sure she didn’t stick bugs in
“It was once and it was a spider and it was my lunch that I gave you! How can you still be harping on this? It’s been fifty years!”
“You were going to let me eat it!” He snapped at her. A
distinct chill settled in the shadowed corridor, his ghostly aura expanding as
his arms crossed over his chest. “You wouldn’t have said a word. You were going to let me-”
Lesa sniffed. “Fine, so what if I was? It was your fault, you started it. If you hadn’t put one on my head, I wouldn’t have had to-“
“Oh, so now it’s my fault?”
“It’s always your fault. Just because there was an itsy bitsy spider in your lunch, didn’t mean you had to come tromping along in all your muscly glory to shove me down the stairs for it! You could’ve picked it out.”
“It was an accident!”
“Oho and by accident you just happened to tumble after me?”
Eric slapped a hand on his forehead. “That was the real accident, look, babe, just-just let it go,
huh? Let’s have some fun tonight.” He held out a hand. “There’s what, eight of them there? One who gets them out of the building first, wins.” 
Lesa sniffled, then reached
over and grabbed his hand. They ghosted through the arguing pair below,
shutting them up in short order.
(c) Sara Harricharan 
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