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I had the oddest little conversation the other day–actually, it was on Facebook. I say odd, because I’m rarely on there and when I am, it’s usually for something writing related. Anyway, a friend had posted something about clicky pens and I just couldn’t resist expressing my opinion.

Ho-hum, as Benny Alden would say.

It seems that we’ll have to agree to disagree on that point.

I’m very picky about my writing instruments. As lovely and fantastic as plumed quills and custom-made fountain pens are, I prefer Zebra gel ink pens (black or blue ink) and the basic BIC Round Stic Grip ballpoint pens–with a cover.

I don’t use pencils any more, not since I discovered that pens don’t fade anywhere near as bad as pencils do. They are also made of a lovely thin plastic with just the right amount of bite. I’ve never chewed pencils, but I do occasionally nibble on my pen.

I never lend that particular pen to anyone–ever, and I will write with it until I’ve exhausted every drop of ink. While some folks may prefer a clicky pen, I despise them on the grounds that they are noisy and heavy. If you don’t believe me, sit in a room with a two-year-old and give them a clicky pen.

You’ll take it back in about five seconds, unless of course, that sort of repetitive noise helps you to focus or something. Whatever gets your words out. I won’t judge you–much. As for it being heavy, well, face it. A good light ballpoint pen with a traditional pen cap, lightens considerably when you take the cap off of it. There’s less weight and the very thin rubber grip does provide a decent writing experience. It also doesn’t warp your notebook or harm the pen if you stick it between the pages before cramming it into your bag of choice.

Anyway, I did not mean to start out on a rambling rant about ball point pens. I think I just didn’t have any brainpower to spare–oh wait, that starts with B too…

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