Found on Google Images. I own nothing. (I believe there is a splendid writer’s app though, titled “writer’s muse” with this same image on it…)


Together, we can do anything. I swear it.

Do you so solemnly vow?

I do.

I do not.


We both shall, we both should.

Now then, again. Do you solemnly vow to uphold this? To stand by each
other in thickness of head and logic, in thiness of creativity,
cashflow and living space?

Do you?

You do.

How very wonderful. Tell the nice people now and thank them, for they have been witness.

Thank you. I do.

Thank you.

As of this very special day, my muse and I shall continue to create,
craft and support each other–together. As you have witnessed, let it be

(c) Sara Harricharan

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