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I’m doing it again.


I feel I ought to at least scream it out loud at the top of my lungs from somewhere very tall and somewhere very cold.

Probably because it’d have to be a mountaintop and I know it gets pretty cold up there. LOL. Sorry, just kidding, I’ve been meaning to catch up for some time, but it is pretty hard to keep my krazy life in the usual bubble of control that I like it to be.

Of course, the year’s changed over, so that probably has something to do with it.

A is for Again!


I’m being as wonderfully boring as I possibly can. I’m doing this whole alphabet all over…you guessed it…again. I’m sure there’s already quite a slew of A’s and Again’s, but imagine how disconcerting it’d be if I didn’t go along with it all.

Wait, it wouldn’t?

Huh. Now you tell me.


Just kidding. Again is actually a pretty neat topic when you reflect on it.

For instance, how many moments have you had this week that have something to do with “he/she did WHAT again?” or “Again? I already did that…” or “It’s that time of year again…”

Again. It’s there. You just can’t seem to get away from it, can you? Well, I hope this post helped just a little–if not, well, at least I didn’t pick Anime like the last time…



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