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You know one funny thing about the year changing over?



What? No, you’re right. I didn’t think it was funny either.

But it was very interesting to think about. I don’t make a long list of new year’s resolutions and all of that, but I do like to pick one thing I think I can throw myself into and see how long I can stick with it. More like a game than a pesky resolution.

Want to know a good one for this year?

Flash fiction.

Er, I meant, actually, my thing for this year. It’s been quite fun, waking up to a new word prompt every day and flipping over a little timer and then having at it. The results are being posted in their wonderful shortness over at my Fiction Fusion blog, do stop by if you’re interested.

I’ve been enjoying it, because it makes writing fun again. I try to tell a story in as few words as possible or to give a glimpse of a scene that makes you want to read more of that story. It’s had me wracking my brains quite nicely for the new year.

I guess that’s good–the thinking, I mean, not the brains part, the brains part kind of hurts.  >_>

Anyhow, settling.

The year’s settling in and now I can finally do something about it. By do something about it, I mean that I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to sit down and snatch a few minutes to spend on something that I really enjoy.

How about you? Did you grab a few seconds for that necessary, but really special thing? Hope so.



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