I feel more obligated than anything to do a happy go lucky, welcome to the 2012 new year routine.


No, not really. I mean, I’m not laughing. It’s a whole ‘nother new year again and now I’ve got to do a bucketload of work that usually gets done just because it is the new year.

You know, things like making new lists, finishing old lists and just, well, lists.

Lists are kind of fun, you know? They can have numbers they can have unlimited pages and they don’t necessarily always have to make sense.

I like the lack of sense part. That’s always my favorite. Probably because I make lists that are all over the place. Not that I’m doing it on purpose, but it’s much easier to put things in a line if you make a list.

Yes, I am rambling. The new year tends to do that to me. ^_^

Anyhow, for the new year, the first poem of the year. *ahem*

New in all it’s numbers
The first time that I write it
Made to be special
The first time that I say it
The first three stay the same
The last one makes a change
A welcome to the new year
with well wishes to everyone dear


Sara Harricharan (c)

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