And I bet you really didn’t see that one coming.

First off, um, no, I am not a strange Yeti-grouping fanatic, nor do I hold anything against folks who do and are. I admire people who can believe so strongly in something and I think the idea of a Yeti is pretty interesting. I am a writer after all and such things tend to amuse me.

The Yeti (aka, the abominable snowman) is known as an ape-like cryptid, (cryptid means a creature that is suggested to exist, but there is yet to be enough conclusive evidence to prove such existence) and is said to reside in the mountains of the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet.

I remember the Yeti as a funny stick-figure monster that would appear at the end of one of the most popular Windows 95 games, known as SkiFree. I remember hearing of Bigfoot and thinking that the Yeti must be his overseas cousin.

Some folks consider Bigfoot to be the Yeti’s North American counterpart, so I guess you could say they are related after all. As a kid, stories were my favorite pastime whether making them up, reading them or begging to hear one and Yeti stories were always fun. (They kind of went along with the giant squid stories too–of which I would like to mention that they are amazing creatures!).

Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to mention Y for Yeti, especially since I don’t hear much about it these days. I looked up a few fun pics on google and thought I’d post them here. They do not belong to me, they are the property of their collective creators/artists and I hope amuses you as it did for me.

Cheers to a great week!


P.S. Nano word count is 23,087. WOOT!

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