I’ve just read Joanne Sher’s lovely post for this meme just a few minutes ago and tada, I had my “idea” for this week’s letter. I don’t normally attempt these sorts of happy-fluffy posts, so please excuse me if it gives you a toothache somehow. I wouldn’t know, because I’m eating sour pineapple at the moment. (Actually, I think it’s the whole wheat toast that’s doing it, but I’ll blame it on the pineapple ’cause it came from a can and therefore should be sweet!)

For me, J stands for many things, a particular favorite being a certain, Joanne Sher. Now if you haven’t read her post for J, hop on over there and do that. Then come back, I really want you to read my post.

Um, well, I’m just kidding about the last part. Kind of. I think. Maybe. I don’t know. It’s the pineapple talking.

Joanne falls in a very special category of friends in my life, known to some Faithwriter members as the “FW Jewelers”.

I know her as a very special lady with an amazing sense of humor, a very big heart and awesome curly hair. I also know her as JJ. My JJ. *hands off!* She was one of the first FW members to greet me when I first joined the site a few years ago. She commented on an article I had written (my very first article in my teenaged life at that time) and encouraged me to keep writing.

I was floored.

Time passed and through another dear friend, I was invited to join the FW Jewelers.

I had an instant panic attack.

Then I told my nerves to go away and attempted to fit in.

That didn’t work very well. My nerves have voices of their own, you see and they weren’t too keen on sharing my quiet little existence with anyone else apart from my own brain.

So I watched from the sidelines for a little bit and then it happened. Those wonderful jeweler women simply reached out, dragged me into their circle of friendship and love, and smothered me in the center of it.  ^_^ Through these amazing, faith-filled women, I learned a lot about prayer, family, writing and learning to listen for God’s whispers in my life.

Friendship, sistership and a few good doses of mothering.

In the midst of all the wonderful happy fluffiness, I dragged them into my random, nonsensical world where nothing really makes sense (See Purple Carrots for more information!) to anyone except for me and grew into the nickname that was so lovingly bestowed on my creative self. Laughter and silliness went up several notches and in one of my creative bursts of genius, I ended up calling Joanne–JJ. It fit and it stuck. I have a habit of nicknaming people (simply because I like names and it’s easier to keep my yakking brain happy when its distracted.) and to this day if you say Joanne, I’ll say JJ very quietly under my breath and smile.

My brain is quite happy with that. 

When I first saw her at the Faithwriters’ Conference, the first thing I said was “JJ!”(Followed immediately by “Peej” I think. :P)

I cannot begin to tell you how this wonderful woman has blessed my life in so many ways.

Between JJ and the jeweler girls, I am truly and quite thoroughly blessed.

Almost all the Jeweler gals…

To protect the innocence of the random and not-so-random, all possible incriminating boring….interesting … other details have been left out. 

The official snippet on the FW Jewelers is : Who are the FW Jewelers? The FW Jewelers are a group of FaithWriters’ regulars who pledge to assure that every challenge entry has at least two comments on it, and to comment on general submission articles and recognize some as jewels weekly.

Disclaimer to other jewelers who may read this post: This is in no way intended to be a show of favoritism or…um, well, you know. I heart ya too. (and I know you’re taking this the right way!) ^_^ 

And that would be it for a snippet into my very quiet, private and personal life.  (Though I can practically see you thinking, why I would consider myself to be any of those three at the rate I am writing these abnormally inconsistent posts. I don’t know. I’ll ask my brain the next time it feels like sharing.) All other letters will almost certainly be randomized into some unusual topic.

Psst…that’s also probably the pineapple again…


Thanks for reading and have a great week! 

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