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E is for Epic!

Epic anything or epicness in general. I do not use the term lightly in anyway, when I say “Epic” I am actually complimenting something I have greatly admired, respected or was sufficiently pleasantly surprised to discover.

I’m too lazy to hunt down the other one. 😛

In this case, I cite Michelle Sagara and my favorite book of hers, (Cast in Secret) part of a series, in which I was completely enthralled by the cover image and doubly excited when I finished the actual book. It was the best fantasy read I’d had then and I still hold it in fairly high regard, remembering how easy it was to fall into the world she created.

It IS high fantasy–so if that’s not your cup of tea, I wouldn’t recommend it. Plenty of plot twists, magical things, fancy weapons, spunky heroines, ah, the works. I remember reading this little chunk of epicness in the backseat of a car on a hot summer day, out in the parking lot because I didn’t want to navigate the grocery store with book in hand. (Never mind that I could’ve done it, it was just easier to sit in the car and read. LOL).

Hmmm, also for E, I will site Michelle Gregory’s Eldala–a lovely light fantasy novel with a good romance and medieval twist to it. (She’s working on a sequel at the moment, which I cannot wait to get my hands on! *squeal*) and it is just the right balance of life/drama and fantasy that even if you do not usually read fantasy, I’d recommend it. It’s a good story!

E is also for elephant.

Elephants are nice. They are smart. I like them.

End of story.

Oh, wow, that’s three paragraphs in a row starting with “E”. Oops. I think I’m consciously rambling in this post, please do excuse my terrible manners. 😛

No, really, I do like elephants. I think they are amazing, wonderful creatures.

Thanks for reading~! (Bet I made ya smile somewhere…*ducking*)

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