I love donut days, don’t you?

Not just because of the donut, but well, yes, because of the donut and that other thing. That other thought that kind of hit me over the head today. It was nice sort of word collection and I thought I might try and fashion it into a blog post. What do you think a donut day is? I like to think of it as a bunch of different things–as long as there’s a nice, fresh donut involved. (No, I’m not donut crazy, I just had the incredible urge to eat a donut. Now. Right now.) ^_^ 

A donut day is when the day is turning out to be a bit whacked and then-wow-there’s a donut. So you sit down and pick it up with two fingers, examining all the sugar, sprinkles, glaze, whatever. Then you smile, eat it and enjoy it. It becomes a little sweetened moment of bliss in the middle of a dreary day when everything is kind of all sour and yucky tasting. It makes it better–instantly. You can ignore everything in the moment it takes to chew and swallow, you can think happy, fluffy bunny thoughts while the sugar melts in your mouth and your thoughts sort themselves out.

Kind of like when you’re having a really lousy day and the only prayer you can think of is something between a scream and a shout, to the tune of “Fix this–NOW!”. And then He does, in His own way and no doubt, with a smile on His face.

There’s proof in this world that God loves to make us smile and laugh. I had a day like that today. Wasn’t good. Wasn’t bad. Wasn’t even something in between. It had to do with donuts–plain glazed–and the way that unexpected blessings tend to pop up when–you guessed it–you least expect it.

Those kind of days are nice. Sometimes it feels strange, a bit off or somehow as if you’re in a dream where the dream reality just twisted itself around again, but then it fits. It works. It feels right. You stand. You smile. You remember to say “Thank you.” You smile again. The day continues and you’re left thinking of donuts, smiles and how much He really cares about you.

Take care,

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