Well, I missed Manic Monday on account of no internet, so I’m just kind of “puttering about” today, it’s been the usual mix of everything. So I’ll just ramble for a few minutes, so my head has a little more space inside for tomorrow.

The Nancy Drew Challenge is going great, I’ve already made it through book one and two, with book three about halfway until I reach the weekend rest period again. I love the first book(Secret In The Old Clock) the most, because it introduces Nancy in her first mystery and brings her character alive with the usual characteristics that endear the FMC’s to their readers. She sticks up for the underdog, does not stop believing in a positive outcome and even manages to work things out right so when the villains are finally brought to justice, there is no wince from unnecessary revenge, violence or other negative elements. Nancy is poised, polite and charming even in the face of danger or staring down troublesome suspects. Book 2, (The Hidden Staircase) is even better, because it brings back the old-fashioned feel of mystery that I remember from the days when reading was something I did with every single spare moment I could see to read. It was fun. I read this one with a glass of chocolate milk and a sandwich…after reading of one of Hannah’s good sandwiches for Nancy. It made the reading even more fun. ^_^


As for the Bible Challenge, that’s coming along pretty well. It’s been easy to keep up, because the sections are already marked and set up, so I just find the date, settle down and read. At the end of each passage is a little thought and prayer, a mini-devotion to end the reading section.

Going through Genesis and Matthew right now, with portions of Psalms and Proverbs. My favorite thing so far about this particular Bible, is the way the Psalms and Proverbs have been divided, so there is a little of each to be read every day. With this set up the way it is, I don’t skip anything, I don’t have a chance to “get bored” and I always find something I can relate to.

One particular devotion from last weekend, has registered in my mind of a new word, I’d like share. “Demandingness”. It was the word used to describe what we as humans, sometimes do when it comes to rushing about our daily lives, trying to get a routine and working out the little details in hopes of a happily ever after, even if the happy isn’t quite the bit of sunshine we were hoping for. As long as we don’t have to deal with X, Y or Z, we’re quite happy. We simply continue on, with our demands, “I don’t want to do X” or “I don’t like doing Y, someone else should do it” and then of course, I could make up another phrase for Z, but I’m sure you get the picture already, right? Well, in all of our demands, sometimes we’re so busy asking AND demanding, that we forget to accept. We forget to receive the blessings and the answers we’ve been stressing over, tied up in the whole process of our own demands. Whether they are selfish, routine-such as merely out of habit, it still counts. It is still processed. It is a cycle. You are the only one who can break it, only after you acknowledge it and remember while you’re doing so, that help isn’t any further away than a prayer.

This definitely kept my head busy for awhile–how about you?

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